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Welcome to Gehrie Botanica
First in a 5 painting series "Oats" each exploring relationship of background and foreground image.

Newest work: Multimedia Oats Series 1

First a large woodblock to establish background. Next, silkscreen oats using multiple registration. Then hand paint oats using watercolor glazes. Finally, add details to oats with black walnut ink. This painting in the series uses lines in the woodblock behind the curve of oat stem and seed heads. 

Click the images above to see a larger version and open a caption.

For more information on how I combine a watercolor under layer with black walnut ink over drawing, see this demonstration.

 Video lessons

There are two videos available  about using artisan Black Walnut Ink. They show properties and techniques for artisan black walnut ink, working with brush and pen.

Last November I took my video camera into a corn field to gather a few plants that were just dry enough for harvest. The stalks are in my outdoor studio, safely waiting next to bundles of prairie grass. I hope you will join my free video classes.

Corn – Gathering Samples is the first video in a six video lesson set on the creative process in Botanical Art making.