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Silkscreen using herbal images and multiple registration

Silkscreen using herbal images and multiple registration

Here are my first two silkscreen paintings, based on my herbal paintings of thyme and oregano. They are studies I used to explore using silkscreen and multiple registration to paint with printing ink.

The concept is Search Image. This is the use of an image to help people working with plants, particularly in natural areas, to find and identify species. It is used in plant monitoring, and to identify species to harvest or remove from a growing area.

A search image is static, and makes plant morphology very clear, so that it can be used to fix the image of a kind of plant in your mind. But the plants you are searching for are not static. They move with the breeze, and grow in clumps and surrounded by other plants. To give this sense of movement, I used a different color ink from the search image, to create the sense of plants growing naturally. I used multiple representation at different angles to create both movement and plants that appear to be different lengths and distances from the viewer.

These studies were the best individual silkscreen paintings of individual search images. The others were incorporated into a collage of images – one for  thyme and one for oregano.

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