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Fabric designs on Spoonflower is a creator’s space that supports repeating designs composed from uploaded digital images. The basic design can be configured using multiple registration formats, and sold as fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper. When you order your own design product Spoonflower gives a 10% discount. If you choose to sell your design as any or all of the Spoonflower products, you get a 10% commission from every sale by Spoonflower. Commission can be taken in Spoonflower credit or cash via your PayPal account.

I have always wanted to work more with fabric, and this was a great place to begin. One feature that fascinates me is the option to re-color your design. Once you develop a design, you can work from a series of color swatches that are automatically generated from your design. You can select a replacement color for each swatch, thereby transforming your design into a different set of replacement colors.

Below are fabric designs you can purchase at my shop called Botanica. Learn more by clicking on the images below.

I developed these designs to use in a small quilt. I plan to appliqué parts of the fabric onto a geometric design. I love hand quilting.